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2nd Chance Diesel LLC was founded 2020. Having been in the transportation industry since 1996 and seeing the current challenges of high parts-costs, we have branched into the truck salvage industry, bringing good reclaimed parts to the consumer at an affordable and competitive price.

Since 1996

The company’s founder, Jason Bates, has owned several successful trucking companies over the years. After moving to Kearney, Missouri in 2017 with his family, opening a repair facility, and putting 13 trucks on the road.

Jason decided to use his salvage license to purchase trucks to use for parts for his fleet. In doing that, he determined that there is a high demand for parts, not just for his fleet but for others like him. Consequently, in January of 2020, he and his wife launched 2nd Chance Diesel. 

Jason has been in the transportation industry for twenty-four years running fleets of over the road trucking companies. After spending so much time, energy, and money keeping trucks up to DOT standards.

Jason has decided to turn the tables, if you will, and start taking these machines apart. It has been his experience that finding reliable and honest people gets harder and harder. So, Mr. Bates is working towards running a strong, reliable company with integrity and treating others the way he would like to be treated.

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